Priority areas

Influence public policy on human rights, gender equality, real democracy and social justice.

  • Through Women’s Eyes
  • Enhancing Women's Political Participation and Leadership - Women's Leadership in Local Government
  • Advocacy on population policy and national mechanisms for gender equality

Disseminate a culture that values human rights, gender equality, real democracy, and social justice, and change social attitudes.

  • Building a Violence-Free Society
  • Gender justice and masculinity / male gender
  • Comprehensive sexual and reproductive rights, health and sexuality education

Building staff, board and members’ capacity; strengthening internal governance and financial systems; improving the quality, diversity and sustainability of funding (this latter goal is the hardest given the unfavorable external conditions) Becoming a network with strong mobility.

  • Capacity building of regulatory staff
  • Strengthen the financial system
  • Strengthen network governance
  • Sustain the fundings

Develop a movement with the potential to influence policy, institutional and cultural reform

  • 'School will change society!' Safe school methodology
  • “Young Women's Voices” Forum
  • Promoting civil society development
  • Develop and expand the membership