“Hands Up 4 Your Rights” Youth Campaign

The “Hands Up 4 Your Rights” campaign promotes a culture of human rights, freedom, democracy, gender justice and social justice in a youth participatory, interesting, fun and flexible way, promoting youth personal development, civic education and aims to increase creative participation.

All of the campaign activity aims to help young people become more self-confident, more sensitive to human rights, freedoms and gender, civic education, able to protect their own and others' rights, solve problems peacefully and creatively, and be self-critical.

The campaign includes educational activities for trainers and peers on gender-sensitive human rights, freedom parades, human rights festivals, Erkhuulei training and comics for school-age children,and organizes informal meetings and parties to broaden youth friendships, network.

All campaign activities are based on the principles of equality, mutual respect, openness, patience, collective decision-making and shared responsibility.

The initiators and organizers of the campaign are “Khugjitsgoe” (Let’s develop) youth club, MONFEMNET, Amnesty International Mongolia.

DEMOCRACY youth center

In 2008, the MONFEMNET National Network launched the "Hands Up 4 Your Rights" campaign in order to increase and boost the youth activism cooperation for human rights, actual democracy and social justice. Энэ аяны суурин дээр МОНФЕМНЕТ Үндэсний Сүлжээний арга зүйн дэмжлэгтэйгээр аяны эрхэм зорилго, үнэт зүйлс, зарчим, үйл ажиллагааны арга хэлбэрийг өвлөн авсан "ДемоКрэйзи залуусын төв" ТББ 2013 онд байгуулагдсан. Тус төв нь хүний эрх, эрх чөлөө, жендэрийн тэгш эрх болон ардчиллын үнэт зүйлсийг эрхэмлэх соёлыг залуусын дунд түгээн төлөвшүүлж, залуусын активизм, хөдөлгөөнийг өрнүүлэн, хувийн хөгжил, иргэний болон ардчиллын боловсрол, бүтээлч оролцоог нь нэмэгдүүлэх зорилготой ажиллаж байна.

All for Education

In 2010, the MONFEMNET National Network provided significant methodological and technical support for the establishment of a new civil society coalition based on human rights and gender equality, transparency, democracy and education policy. As a result of 7 months of serious discussions, the National Coalition of Civil Society "All for Education" was established in September 2010, formulating its mission, goals, values and principles. The Coalition works to ensure the diversity of civil society, monitor the financing and quality of education, and influence education policy to improve the sector's accountability system with the participation of citizens.